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Legal Information, effective date 2021-07-21

Short version of Website Privacy Policy: This website uses first and third-party cookies. The website (including hardware- and software service providers in EU and USA) will gather general data about the hardware (computer, tablet, or mobile phone), the software and software settings (browser, screen resolution, language) of visitors. It will also from time to time analyse interactions (clicks and scrolls) of visitors.

Information may also be gathered about personal data. Whenever possible, IP-addresses will be anonymised directly upon receipt, but such addresses and associated geographical location may be retained and stored for some time. If provided the website will also store name or email address and other information provided by visitors.

The above-mentioned data will be stored in several locations and will not actively be combined for the purpose of analysing individuals. Eperoto cannot however guarantee that the data could be combined in such a way that some data could be attributed to individuals (personal data). We can however guarantee that we take your privacy very seriously, that information provided will not be used by third parties for commercial reasons without your prior explicit consent, and that we actively strive to retain only such data required to present our offer to parties that have shown an interest. We only use trusted third party service providers and go through great lengths to keep data secure.


Eperoto AB (559249-1202) is a Swedish company based in Gothenburg. The purpose of this website is to inform customers and other interested parties of the software offering by Eperoto.

The following text provides information about how and why we process data from visitors of this website and potential customers in general.

This policy is not exhaustive, as customers, employees and service providers actively using or interacting with our functional software platform will also be required to enter into additional agreements regarding terms of use, disclosure, and secure processing of data.


Most data provided by visitors are not personal data per se. If the data could be associated with an IP-address, it could however be considered personal data. Since the scope for processing of potential personal data is very wide, we aim to provide as much information as possible about all data processed.

Purpose of data processing

We process data from visitors to improve website usability, prevent malicious use, spam, and unauthorised access, and to record visitor engagement as well as site statistics to analyse how our website is used. We will also store personal data (email adress and name) that has been directly provided to us to respond to contact requests made from persons showing an interest in the software offered by Eperoto.

Submitted data (E-mail, Contact form and Chat)

Email and contact form
Any data, including personal data, sent to us by email or through the use of our contact form data will be stored in our email services provided by Microsoft and could be stored in our customer management system Hubspot (hubspot.com). The nature of the information will determine the time it will retained, but the information will only be kept as long the retention serves a legitimate purpose. To comply with this, we review retained data on a regular basis.

Chat feature
We store a limited amount of your information if you choose to use the chat services on the website provided by Intercom, Inc. (Intercom.com). Any personal data provided in the chat system (generally name and email address) will be stored for up to nine months from the date of last use. In addition to the data provided by the visitor in the chat, information may also be collected regarding location, time of access, web browser settings regarding language, time zone and operating system from any visitor actively interacting with the chat.

Other processed data (Cookies, Analytics and other processing)

General cookies
To improve our services and visitor experience we gather general data through the use of cookies. Information gathered by cookies may include, location, web browser settings regarding language, time zone and operating system, screen resolution and in some cases IP-address and information to store consent to our privacy policy.

We use the following third party cookies.

ReCaptcha is a service provided by Google (google.com) to distinguish human visitors from bots used to prevent malicious use of our website.

Intercom is a chat and support serviced provided by Intercom (see above for more information regarding the chat feature and processed data).

WordPress (wordpress.com) uses cookies to keep track of logged in users sessions. These cookies may be activated when using our website (but will most likely only affect administrator access).

Hotjar uses cookies to keep track of visitor interactions.

Google Analytics is used to track visitors of the page and from where they entered the website.

Other data processing activities

The websites uses the software service Plausible (plausible.io) to record and store visitor statistics. Plausible does not store personal data (such as IP-addresses) and does not use cookies.

This website is hosted on a server in Germany provided by Digital Ocean Inc (digitalocean.com)

This website is using Hotjar (hotjar.com), to better understand visitors interactions (such as scrolling and clicking-behavior) when visiting the website.

Non-website sourced use of data
Eperoto and its employee’s may gather names of individuals, companies and email addresses of potential customers for marketing purposes. Eperoto may use openly accessible sources, such as LinkedIn and Google to gather such data. Such data will be stored using the customer management platform Hubspot on Microsoft cloud services or local hardware or the platform LinkedIn.

General information

Eperoto AB is the designated data controller or all processed data.

Hubspot, Microsoft, WordPress, Google, Digital Ocean and Intercom, and Hotjar act as data processors on behalf of Eperoto. Data processed by our data processors may be processed in countries outside the European Union that we deem to have adequate protection for the type of data processed.

We will not sell or share any data provided for commercial reasons.

This privacy policy may change from time to time to be compliant with legislation and technical changes to our website.

If you wish to receive further information about processed data, file a complaint, request a change or deletion, if you wish to move any personal data processed to another software provider, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@eperoto.com.

Complaints against data processing activities may be filed to the Swedish privacy authority IMY (imy.se).


Eperoto Database (CaseDB)

Eperoto is offering a database regarding length of proceedings in Swedish courts. The database is under construction, but requests for information regarding the length of court proceedings and statistics of appeals for court disputes can be offered to the general public at a fee. The publisher in charge (ansvarig utgivare) of this database is Olof Heggemann. For requests, please contact info@eperoto.com