Value and evaluate your legal disputes

Eperoto is a legal tech company that provides powerful yet easy-to-use tools to perform dispute analysis.

Dispute analysis​

Dispute analysis

Whether it’s litigation or arbitration, our software has the architecture to analyze and evaluate any legal claim effortlessly!

Decision Support

Decision support

Structure your legal disputes to reveal the strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the issues that matter the most.

Settlement Analysis

Settlement analysis

Understand the risks and rewards involved with legal proceedings as opposed to a negotiated agreement.

Some of our users

We are proud to serve top-tier legal professionals since 2020. Do not hesitate and become one of our early birds. We foresee that our services soon will be the standard way disputes are evaluated worldwide.

We use Eperoto's tool to analyze the value of claims before making any investment decision. Eperoto’s software is particularly useful in complex cases which entail a high number of claims and counterclaims, respectively. For example, we applied the valuation tool in a SEK 500,000,000 construction dispute, inserting data from probability assessments provided both by claimant’s counsel and the law firm we hired for a second opinion. The simulation resulted in hundreds of thousands of potential outcomes, showing a very high probability of a favorable award of significant value to the claimant. Following the analysis by client’s counsel and our own counsel, as visualized and processed through Eperoto’s tool, our investment committee decided to move forward and invest in the case.

Johan Skog, partner at Kapatens

If more lawyers had thought in this way, it would probably have been easier to reach a good settlement earlier. The system visualizes things to a much greater degree than a few vague statements about process risk. We now feel that we add extra value where we with useful information get the best possible picture of the risk gap in the cases.

Jan Olav Aabø, partner at Arntzen de Besche

Model any dispute

Highly complex yet easy to use, our software solution can be used to analyze disputes of many different kinds. You just need to structure your case using our intuitive tools based on decision theory.

Modeling a legal case.
Dispute analysis

Visualized analysis

With a visualized analysis, negotiations between lawyers and conversations with clients are short and precise. Our visualization makes it easier to discuss possible outcomes and strategies without getting lost in the flood of information.

Extract the value of the case

An accurate figure is essential when you negotiate a potential settlement. Our software combines all possible outcomes’ value and their corresponding probabilities to provide a potential range of agreement and increases the chances of a beneficial settlement solution.

A block of legal claims

Our supporters

In September 2020, Eperoto officially joined Chalmers Ventures’ Accelerator program and initiated operations full time. Today we are happy to be supported by and some of the brightest minds in law, technology and design.

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