Value and evaluate your legal disputes​​

Eperoto is a law and technology company that offers powerful and easy to use tools for the evaluation and analysis of legal disputes.


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We make sure that you can

Produce a clear and defensible strategy​​

We believe decision making in legal disputes should be made in a rational and unbiased way. We produce easy to use software to ensure that risks, values and strategies in legal disputes are fully analysed.

Put a number on your legal disputes​​

A dispute can be considered an asset or a liability – and often both at the same time. Our tools provide an evaluation of your legal disputes – which will make financial planning easier.


Eperoto was founded in February 2020, with a vision of changing the way companies, organisations and individuals evaluate and manage legal disputes.

We provide our services through a web based software solution. Our model employs a data-driven approach using datasets processed by machine learning – paired with a decision support system that has its core in well established decision theory models – bringing clarity to the risks and values of both small and large legal disputes.


In September 2020 Eperoto officially joined Chalmers Ventures accelerator program and initiated operations full time. Eperoto is currently using and refining our software in a series of pilot projects, working with both small and large companies and law firms. We are especially intrigued and happy to be able to announce that we have been working closely with dispute finance company Kapatens – providing analyses of complex, high value disputes. In April 2021 we joined the Innovation Lab at Mannheimer Swartling law firm – an exciting hub for legal researchers, practitioners and software innovators. If your organisation are interested in sharpening your toolset and gaining a greater understanding of dispute resolution within your operations, or if you or your law firm wish to be able to provide clear advice to your clients, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

The team
Olof Heggemann
Gothenburg, Sweden
I have a professional background from the Swedish public court system and experience from working in banking and law firms. The idea behind the founding of Eperoto is something that grew during my working years. Having a keen interest in technology I truly believe in the potential of new ways of thinking to improve the legal industry.
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Manos Karystinos
Gothenburg, Sweden
Having a background as a civil engineer and film director, I now combine my previous experience to find creative solutions to hard complex problems. With extreme love in developing ideas into apps, I found in Eperoto’s team spirit and vision an ideal environment for my new career path in legal tech industry.
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Johan Thelin
Gothenburg, Sweden
I have a wide experience from building systems - large and small, embedded and cloud. Being used to working on architecture, as well as code, I help drive the team forward and help build a foundation that will allow Eperoto to extend the services offered incrementally. What I enjoy is the process of creating something from nothing. A common topic through my projects has been the usage of open source components in the right places to accelerate projects. I am a frequent speaker and writer and like to discuss open source, licensing, community building, as well as purely technical concepts.
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Dimitris Zarkadas
Gothenburg, Sweden
My background is in mechanical engineering and specifically in product development. Being curious, I use my creativity and problem-solving skills to develop user-centered products and services. Always searching to expand my knowledge and skills, Eperoto is the perfect environment to create innovative services for legal professionals.
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