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Drive Success in Legal Disputes

Eperoto empowers legal professionals to evaluate and resolve commercial legal disputes through strategic analysis and well-informed decisions. Access a comprehensive toolkit based on decision analysis that facilitates the assessment of risks, values, and effective long-term approaches in litigation, arbitration, and mediation. 

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Learn how to Value and Evaluate Legal Disputes

Decision Support

A Comprehensive View on Complex Disputes

Eperoto offers dynamic decision tree models to map and model large and complex disputes with ease. Learn how to get an overview of intricate contractual disputes, large construction cases, and everything in-between.

Settlement Analysis

Settlement Negotiations and Mediation

Experts in dispute resolution agree: A structured approach using a quantitative analysis is essential when dealing with litigation and arbitration – and particularly useful when seeking to avoid both through mediation. 

Dispute analysis​

Different Perspectives Within Legal Teams

Legal teams frequently encounter challenges when presented with conflicting information, viewpoints and opinions in a case. Analyzing a case from several perspectives is essential – a process made easy through collaboration in the platform.

Simplify, Analyze, and Visualize Legal Disputes

Model Your Case with Ease

Simplify the case evaluation process with the use of Eperoto’s intuitive decision tree, or through simple claims-models.

Factor in Crucial Elements

Factor in time, interest rates, legal costs, insurance coverage, risk of unsuccessful enforcement, and other values and variables associated with legal proceedings.

Visualized Insights at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly navigate through visualized information and create customizable and dynamic graphs and PDF-reports for easy sharing of information.

Customer stories

Kapatens - Litigation Funders

Kapatens relies on Eperoto for financial assessments of legal disputes

“We use Eperoto’s tool to analyze the value of claims before making any investment decision. Eperoto’s software is particularly useful in complex cases which entail a high number of claims and counterclaims, respectively. For example, we applied the valuation tool in a high value construction dispute, inserting data from probability assessments provided both by claimant’s counsel and the law firm we hired for a second opinion. The simulation resulted in hundreds of thousands of potential outcomes, showing a very high probability of a favorable award of significant value to the claimant. Following the analysis by client’s counsel and our own counsel, as visualized and processed through Eperoto’s tool, our investment committee decided to move forward and invest in the case.”

Johan Skog - Founder of Kapatens
Johan Skog

Partner at kapatens

Kapatens Litigation Funders
Gowling WLG Logo

Eperoto has truly revolutionized our approach to assessing legal disputes. It’s not just another high-level program; it delves into the specifics while also presenting the data graphically, making it more client-friendly.

A portrait of Scott Kugler Partner and Commercial Litigation Head at Gowling WLG
Scott Kugler

Partner and Commercial Litigation Head at Gowling WLG

Artzen de Besche Law Firm

“If more lawyers had thought in this way, it would probably have been easier to reach a good settlement earlier. The system visualizes things to a much greater degree than a few vague statements about process risk. We now feel that we add extra value where we, with useful information, get the best possible picture of the risk gap in the cases.”

Jan Olav Aabø - Partner at Arntzen de Besche
Jan Olav Aabø

Partner at Arntzen de Besche

Sandart and Partners Law Firm

“By using numbers you can avoid misunderstandings regarding the message communicated. It is of course important to explain to clients the uncertainties involved in an assessment and that it may change depending on how a dispute or situation evolves. In my experience though, this is not a practical problem as clients are usually well aware of this reality.”

Anna Bladh Redzic - Partner at Sandart and Partners
Anna Bladh Redzic

Partner at Sandart and Partners

Putting Security First

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ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

Eperoto is certified under the rigorous ISO/IEC 27001 standard, demonstrating our commitment to secure software development practices.

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External Penetration Testing

Eperoto’s platform undergoes regular external penetration testing conducted by trusted and Crest-accredited partners.

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Dedicated Server with Encryption

 Data in Eperoto’s platform and servers are encrypted at rest, in transit, and each server is exclusively dedicated to serving only one customer.

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Multifactor Authentication

As a standard, Eperoto offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) options using SMS or Authenticator apps.

Eperoto Academy

Exclusive Educational Videos featuring Decision Analysis Expert John Celona

Join renowned legal expert John Celona as he explores the intersection of decision analysis and law, showcasing the power of Eperoto in three insightful and engaging videos.

John Celona with "Winning at Litigation through Decision Analysis"

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Discover how to model cases, factor in various aspects like time, interest rates, legal costs, and more. Empower yourself with the knowledge to create multiple scenarios, compare outcomes, and generate comprehensive reports to share with stakeholders.

Eperoto Tool Tutorials

Revolutionize the Way You Deal with Disputes