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Driving Success in Legal Disputes through Decision Analysis-Driven Software

Eperoto’s comprehensive and easy to use toolkit enables the evaluation of the risks and values of potential outcomes, and optimization of legal strategies.

Exploring the Components of Eperoto

How it works

Step 1

Model your case using Eperoto's easy to use decision tree

Simplify the case evaluation process with our intuitive decision tree. Eperoto’s user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance allows you to model different case scenarios and analyze potential outcomes. Make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Step 2

Include factors that affect the value of the dispute

Consider all crucial factors that impact the value of a dispute with Eperoto. Factor in elements such as time, interest rates, legal costs, insurance coverage, and the risk of unsuccessful enforcement. Our comprehensive analysis ensures that you have a holistic view of all aspects surrounding the dispute.

Step 3

Run the analysis and access the visualised streamlined information

Gain valuable insights from your case analysis using Eperoto’s visualized data presentation. Access interactive graphs that offer a concise overview of the potential risks and benefits linked to legal actions. Seamlessly navigate through the data and generate personalized, dynamic PDF reports for convenient sharing and presentation.

Eperoto Academy

Exclusive Educational Videos featuring Decision Analysis Expert John Celona

Join renowned legal expert John Celona as he explores the intersection of decision analysis and law, showcasing the power of Eperoto in three insightful and engaging videos.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Discover how to model cases, factor in various aspects like time, interest rates, legal costs, and more. Empower yourself with the knowledge to create multiple scenarios, compare outcomes, and generate comprehensive reports to share with stakeholders.

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