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Unlock the Power of Decision Theory

Decision analysis may seem complex at first glance, but at Eperoto, we believe it can be beautifully simple. To showcase this we’ve curated a range of materials to help you get up to speed. Our Academy provides comprehensive resources, tutorials, and guides to enable legal professionals in understanding and applying decision analysis effectively.

Modeling a legal case

Eperoto Academy

Decision Analysis in Legal Disputes

Join us for our video series, “Decision Analysis in Legal Disputes.” In these three engaging videos, Eperoto teams up with renowned expert John Celona to explore the power of decision analysis. Using Eperoto’s software, the videos contain a walkthrough of how to build a model that reveals the overall value of a case, establishes settlement ranges, and optimizes for better outcomes. These videos provide practical insights and highlight the practical application of decision analysis, showcasing Eperoto’s software as a powerful tool for informed decision-making.

Getting Started
Taking a Closer Look at the Case
Improving Prospects and Value for Your Client

Financial Assessment of an M&A Dispute

This tutorial is presented in a 10-minute video, demonstrating the assessment of a dispute involving potential breaches of warranties in an M&A transaction.

Step by Step Case Tutorials

Our comprehensive collection of step-by-step tutorials will guide you through the ins and outs of using Eperoto. Learn where to click, how to navigate, and how to leverage Eperoto’s  features to analyze legal disputes effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, our tutorials ensure that you can make the most out of Eperoto’s capabilities and streamline your assessments. 

Damaged Hull of a Boat

Ship grounding dispute

Model a dispute regarding a ship entering a harbor and damaging the hull.

Model includes:

  • Single claim with several defenses
  • Projected legal costs and recovery of costs
  • Insurance coverage for legal costs
  • Settlement assesments
Construction Work Sign

Construction dispute

Model a construction dispute revolving around a change order using a legal tree. 

Model includes:

  • Claims and counterclaims
  • Legal costs projections
  • Recovery of legal costs
  • Credit risk
Hospital Sign

Regional hospital dispute

Model a dispute regarding damages in a hospital setting.

Model includes:

  • Multiple claims and counterclaims
  • Legal costs and potential recovery of cost 
  • Credit risk

Decision Analysis Workshops

Discover the practical benefits of decision analysis in addressing legal disputes through our focused training sessions. These workshops offer thorough insights and practical know-how in applying decision analysis within a legal context. Acquire proficiency in utilizing Eperoto’s software to confidently model, analyze, and optimize legal cases.

In these interactive training sessions, you’ll develop a good understanding of decision analysis concepts and their relevance in actual legal situations. From recognising pivotal factors to assessing potential risks and gains, the training provides you with the necessary tools to arrive at well-informed decisions that benefit your clients and stakeholders.

Olof Heggemann, CEO of Eperoto, Presenting at Workshop

Revolutionize the Way You Deal with Disputes