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Ensuring Robust Security

With a dedicated virtual machine (VM) featuring encryption at rest and in transit, rigorous adherence to industry best practices, and regular penetration testing, we ensure the utmost protection for your confidential legal data.

Eperoto's blocks

Information Security

ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

Eperoto is certified under the rigorous ISO/IEC 27001 standard, demonstrating our commitment to secure software development practices. With Eperoto, your data and information are protected by robust security measures throughout the platform.

External Penetration Testing

Our platform undergoes regular external penetration testing conducted by trusted and Crest-accredited partners. This comprehensive testing ensures that vulnerabilities are identified and addressed promptly, providing you with a secure application to trust with your legal data.

Dedicated Server with Encryption

When you subscribe to our platform, you gain access to a dedicated server. Your data is encrypted at rest, and each server is exclusively dedicated to serving only one client. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose the location of your server, further enhancing the control and security of your legal data.

Local Data Residency

With our platform, you have the option to choose the location of your data storage, ensuring that your sensitive legal information remains within specific jurisdictions. By securely storing your data locally, Eperoto enables you to meet data residency requirements while maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy for your legal operations.

Encryption in Transit and at Rest

We employ robust encryption protocols to safeguard your information both during transmission and while at rest. With encryption in transit, your data is securely transmitted over the network, safeguarding it from unauthorized access. Additionally, encryption at rest ensures that your data remains encrypted and protected while stored in our secure infrastructure. 

User Access Controls and Permissions

At Eperoto, we offer granular user access controls, allowing you to define specific roles and permissions for each user within your organization. With customizable access levels, you can ensure that only authorized individuals have the appropriate privileges to access sensitive legal information. Take full control of user access and permissions, mitigating the risk of unauthorized data exposure.

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

Eperoto employs robust redundancy measures and disaster recovery protocols to safeguard your data and maintain business continuity. Our infrastructure is designed to handle unexpected events and potential disruptions.

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