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Different Perspectives within Legal Teams

Collaboration by Default

Eperoto recognizes the importance of collaboration among legal teams, and therefore our software provides a collaborative platform where team members can evaluate different scenarios, analyze risks and rewards, and together work towards a shared understanding around best strategies. 

With Eperoto’s Enterprise Plan, users are able to enter various factors such as risks, rewards, costs, and probabilities in a case file, where team members can individually and collectively contribute, analyze and assess the viability of different approaches.

Agree, or agree to disagree?

It is not uncommon for several lawyers or stakeholders to independently provide their own assessments of a case by using Eperoto, and then gather to see how their views of the case differ. Frequently, they are surprised to find that the consensus they thought they had was never really there, and that they were not aligned in their understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the case they were working on. Collaboration is key, but this doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree. “Groupthink”, a strive for consensus, is a psychological bias well known for leading to bad decision. An environment with space for different opinions is crucial – but there should be no room for misunderstandings

Shared information and clear decisions

Eperoto’s tool can help teams quantify and evaluate the potential outcomes of each approach in a case. This structured assessment of risks and rewards provides a common foundation for discussions and decision-making, allowing team members to understand and align their perspectives and priorities.

By providing a centralized space for sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and asking questions, Eperoto’s software promotes open communication and encourages a deeper understanding of each team member’s viewpoint combined with the “anecdata” from years of experience. This will in turn enable a constructive dialogue, allowing teams to address concerns, challenge assumptions, and work towards a shared understanding when working with complex legal disputes.

Eperoto’s Collaborative Features

Eperoto’s tool offers the following methods for working together on a case, involving:

  • Share cases with team members in the same company
  • Create different scenarios and assessments of the same case
  • Rely on easy-to-use templates or build dynamic decision tree structures
  • Dynamically update the specifics of the case as new information is revealed

If you would like to know more about how your team can work together when managing disputed claims in litigation or arbitration, don’t hesitate to get in touch or book a demo! Follow Eperoto on LinkedIn if you’d like to receive more information on this topic.