This week Eperoto’s Olof Heggemann talked about legal tech within the realm of dispute resolution at Mannheimer Swartling‘s Innovation Lab. The conversation was a part of the newly introduced MSA Lab Lectures for the coworkers of the firm. The participants attended a presentation on decision theory and litigation risk analysis.

The talks revolved around the complexity of disputes that practitioners face daily, and how using decision theory and decision trees can be used to structure the differents aspects of a legal dispute. Decision trees are often used by practitioners of decision theory when analyzing complex processes, and are common in other industries facing multi-factor complexity. In disputes, decision tree structures are especially useful for understand the overall risk-value and for evaluating settlement offers.

Olof Heggeman at Mannheim Swartling Innovation Lab
Olof Heggemann (CEO) and Elisabet Dahlman Löfgren Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management at Mannheimer Swartling talk about litigation risk analysis

Eperoto is a proud participant of the MSA Innovation Lab. You can read more about the MSA Innovation Lab here.